Principal's Desk

Dr. P. Uday Kumar

To compete the developing and fast changing scenario of the corporate and technical society we shape the personality of the students and develop their hidden talents. The college envisaging this has accepted the challenge and is set to go on its marks. We believe in "Aim high, Aim for excellent by Honest , Fair, Consistent, Insistent and Persistent efforts".

We prepare the future managers as professionals who are willing to manage risk, deal with complex situations and systems by providing them a cosmopolitan culture with a platform where they learn from eminent experts and can widen their horizon of experience. The global economic scenario is changing rapidly, what was modern yesterday is suddenly obsolete today. The Industries need managers who can make things happen rather than just follow others. As the journey gets tougher and the market becomes increasing competitive, we are in the constant process of introspection and reflection with a view to ensuring ourselves ahead in the race within the constraints. We provide value-based education to sharp minds to reach the PINNACLE.